Laura Vickerson

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Embroidered Corset 1700
underthings series
starched gauze, embroidery
thread & velvet ribbon
18” x 11.5” x 11.5”

underthings series

The underthings series reveal the internal workings of the body on the outside of the garment inviting a visceral response and addressing the restrictions fashion has imposed. This work attempts to further pinpoint the underlying body while examining women’s undergarments as well as other stereotypical dress as a vehicle to shape, reveal and objectify the female form.  In works such as Embroidered Corset 1700 the body and garment begin to become more integrated. Embroidery thread has become the stand-in for the bodily systems and organs beneath the skin as well as serving as surface decoration.  The garment serves as a sexy, see-through coverings revealing the body beneath.  But, what is revealed is not that of satin skin and luscious curves but one of flesh and blood.