Laura Vickerson

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Gone – found/recycled clothing and thread, 12’ x 15’ x 1’, 2013.


I am interested in the stuff of life. I often work with discarded objects and materials that were, at one time, a part of everyday life. Through changing trends and a general desire to consume these things outlive their usefulness and are discarded. Through the use of these materials, I acknowledge their history as well as provide a new context: reinvesting them with value.

The work I have created for The 14th Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz, Poland focuses on the use of found clothing. This work has been made by interweaving and hand sewing pieces of clothing together. The work titled Gone incorporates garments with a bit of colour at the top, transitioning to white and off-white and finally to sheer white articles creating the feeling of the body gradually disappearing. The piece is an expression of loss: both personal and universal. There is much unrest in the world today where innocent citizens are being senselessly killed. It also seems fitting for this work to be installed in one of the many historical textile factories in Lodz. It is in this city where the largest Polish Jewish ghetto existed: a population that was largely decimated by the Holocaust.