Laura Vickerson

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Eglise St.-Roche
Organza, rose petals
& dressmaker’s pins
26’ x 30’ x 50’


Offering was created for a Roman Catholic cathedral, Eglise St.-Roch, still in use in Quebec City.  The piece was part of ‘Manifestation Internationale D’art de Quebec’ which had “ornamentation “ as it’s theme.  The columns surrounding the altar were covered in rose petal cloth and a 70’ piece of draped petal fabric descended from the second floor balcony moving over the altar and falling onto the floor in front.  This piece addressed the numerous connections of roses to the Christian religion as well as incorporating a participatory component.  Worshippers and visitors were encouraged to pin rose petals to cloth draped over a low fence in front of the altar as an offering, a prayer or a special wish for someone.