Laura Vickerson

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Rose Red Curtain
organza, rose petals &
dressmaker’s pins
8’ x 13’ x 21’

Rose Red Curtain

Rose Red Curtain was created specifically for the Gairloch Gallery, an old estate home with surrounding gardens. With an interest in referencing the domestic site as well as the gardens outside, I created a curtain for the large bay window in the living room space. The petals double as both velvet drapery and the dried remains of garden roses.  The upper portion of the curtain draped across the window reveals much of the sheer fabric beneath as well as the delicate rose petal pattern of veins/roots/tendrils which seem to reach toward the natural light and grow towards the outdoors.  The lower portion of the curtain is pinned solidly with red rose petals and rests on the floor, reminiscent of the heavy velvet drapery that adorned homes such as this, early in the century.