Laura Vickerson

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Studies of Nature I
red rose petals, organdy &
dressmaker’s pins.
 12’ x 12’ 12’

Studies of Nature

Studies of Nature references a variety of natural phenomena.  Both pieces suggest flowing water or other liquids:  rushing quickly out of a rock face or seeping slowly onto the floor.  In the red rose petal piece there allusions to a tree with its white roots exposed on the floor surface or veins of the body and velvety petals the colour of blood.  Similar bodily associations may be found in the other work:  the coloured petals reminiscent of the changing hues of a bruise beneath the skin.  In both pieces, the petals have been collected, sorted, dried and then pinned to the fabric much like a biologist collecting and identifying specimens.  The site is an old sandstone building, which echoes the natural materials of the work itself.